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Energy Efficiency Starter Pack for SMEs 

As of March 2019, there were about 340,000 SMEs in Hong Kong. They account for over 98% of the total business units and provided job opportunities to over 1.3 million persons, about 46% of total employment (excluding civil service) [reference]. The retail industry contributes towards over 12% of the total pool of SMEs in Hong Kong.

With the shortage of manpower and high operating cost, SME are often stretched with resources just to manage their daily operation. This HKRMA SME Retailers Energy Efficiency Starter Pack (REESP) aims to provide simple overview of the most business relevant energy efficiency information for Small and Medium size (SME) retailers and F&B operators in Hong Kong. An approximation to the financial cost and benefits are also provided based on a fixed size premise as reference. 

Free resources and subsidies quoted for business owners to start their exploration.  REESP is compiled with contribution from the HKRMA Sustainability Task Force, along with content from EMSD, HK Electric, CLP, EPD, Town Gas and other reputable sources. CLP and HK Electric are both active in providing free onsite support on energy efficiency ideas and measures (see Appendix A).