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To qualify as a FULL member of the HKRMA, your organization:

  • Has engaged in the retail sale of merchandise or the provision of retail services with physical outlet(s) in Hong Kong if you are a Retailer with physical outlet(s) OR an E-tailer which operates in form of website or mobile APP with check-out process without physical outlet(s);
  • Must have a valid business registration and with a physical business address in Hong Kong;
  • Has been fully operative for at least ONE year;
  • Shall not have any records of trading in counterfeit goods;
  • Might be asked to provide proof such as record of stock keeping, tax returns or bank statements to prove that you have been trading for at least one fiscal year;
  • Might be asked to provide a recommendation for your membership application;

Executive Committee of the Association may reject any application for membership, or terminate an existing membership, and refuse any nomination of company representative and is not bound to state the reason for so doing.

Membership Fee

Annual subscription fee from HK$1,180 to HK$40,000 (1st January to 31st December) depend on no. of outlets

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  • All subscriptions shall be due on the 1st day of January each year.
  • If such subscription is not paid within 30 days from the date of a request to remit the subscription to the Association, the membership of such member shall be void, unless he satisfies the Executive Committee that the delay in payment was due to absence from Hong Kong or other sufficient cause.
  • Application for 1-year membership (apply in January to June), the member will be required to pay 1-year annual fee.
  • Application for 18-month membership (apply in July to December), the member will be required to pay 1.5 years annual fee.