Small Business Quality Service Pledge


HKRMA proudly supports the 2023 American Express Shop Small Campaign

The 'Small Business Quality Service Pledge' aims to give recognition exclusively to participating merchants of the Shop Small Campaign who are committed to delivering quality service. 


Merchants displaying 'Small Business Quality Service Pledge' window stickers are devoted to providing quality services, including the followings, to their customers:

  1. Ensure only genuine goods are sold.   
  2. Ensure the overall shopping environment is pleasant and comfortable, e.g. clean floor, enough/soft lighting, display items and facilities are placed in good order.
  3. Ensure frontline staff are neat, tidy and polite when serving customers.
  4. Ensure frontline staff can explain product features clearly and listen to customers carefully.
  5. Ensure customers can easily obtain the merchant's contact information, e.g. email, phone and social media.
  6. Ensure a pleasant shopping/dining experience for customers.


  Apply for 'Small Business Quality Service Pledge' window stickers  

  • Applicants must be participating merchants of 2023 American Express Shop Small Campaign and terminal must be activated with valid American Express transactions by the time of application.
  • There is no application fee and each merchantcan only apply once.
  • Subject to vetting, the sticker will be mailed/emailed to the merchant within 20 working days.
  • The sticker validity is until 30 June 2024.

      Click here to apply